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Doctor Who: Covered in Bees
Hello everyone! It's been quite a long time since I last posted here, mostly because I've not been working very much on anything graphical or layout-related. Anyway, in the intervening time, I've opted to move my journals (all 35 of them) to Dreamwidth, in objection to LJ's attitude towards customer satisfaction.

So what does this mean to you, my subscribers? Not much. It just means some of the things I end up posting here will not be useable on LJ. Layouts, for instance. And even then, I will most likely be making future layouts compatible with both Dreamwidth and LJ. Everything else is usable across both sites: graphics, icons, textures, stock art, et cetera.

So, I'm making a few additions around here. The first is a welcome post, which will be sticky'd and will have my rules, and a brief description of my style of work and what's on offer.

There's a couple more things on my to-do list: first, I'm working on adapting my LJ layout "Escapist" to Dreamwidth—it is, after all, the one I use on my personal journal, and I want to get it working right there too. Second, I have some Dreamwidth-only resources to post (of a graphic nature), which I had fun creating, in that migraine-inducing way.

I'm also in the middle of working on a new layout with a shit-ton of variants, called "Graue Farben" (which means "Gray Colours" in German.) I was developing it for LJ, but now I will be developing it for Dreamwidth as well. The LJ version will be for Expressive; the DW version will be for Practicality.

When I get around to finishing the layout for this journal, a public version will be made available, called "Ghost Love Score". (You'll notice my layout text is from the Nightwish song of the same name.) The same goes for my story/art journals [personal profile] indagatio_eterna and [community profile] millennia_fanworks. The public versions of those will be called "Anderwelt" and "Storytime", respectively, both after the songs that I use for my journal text on them.

...I think I've kept you here long enough, reading this wall o' text. Go on. Come on over to Dreamwidth, if you like, or keep an eye on the LJ if you don't feel like moving. (I will tell you, it is a bit tedious, especially when you have as many journals as I do.) I've set up cross-posting, which means most, if not all, entries will be posted from DW but will appear on the LJ. :)

Ghost Love Score

We used to swim the same moonlight waters
Oceans away from the wakeful day

(My fall will be for you)
My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
If you be the one to cut me
I will bleed forever

Scent of the sea before the waking of the world
Brings me to thee
Into the blue memory

(My fall will be for you)
My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
If you be the one to cut me
I will bleed forever

Into the blue memory

A siren from the deep came to me
Sang my name my longing
Still I write my songs about that dream of mine
Worth everything I may ever be

The Child will be born again
That siren carried him to me
First of them true loves
Singing on the shoulders of an angel
Without care for love 'n loss

Bring me home or leave me be
My love in the dark heart of the night
I have lost the path before me
The one behind will lead me

Take me
Cure me
Kill me
Bring me home
Every way
Every day
Just another loop in the hangman's noose

Take me, cure me, kill me, bring me home
Every way, every day
I keep on watching us sleep

Relive the old sin of Adam and Eve
Of you and me
Forgive the adoring beast

Redeem me into childhood
Show me myself without the shell
Like the advent of May
I'll be there when you say
Time to never hold our love

(My fall will be for you)
My fall will be for you
My love will be in you
You were the one to cut me
So I'll bleed forever
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